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Sci-Fi Weapon for VR

As a personal project I wanted to use the high to low-poly pipeline to create a Sci-Fi weapon to be used in VR games. I designed the concept, modeled the high and low-poly, baked in Marmoset, created materials in Substance Designer, and textured the asset with Substance Painter. I wanted to combine a classic "futuristic from the past" point of view with modern materials. It was manufactured by a large corporation that specialized in the creation of stealth weaponry. I also chose to use Braille because the wielders of the weapons were so secretive that they had to learn it in order to use the weapon.

During the process I made a YouTube series documenting my thoughts and the process. You can check out episode 1 here:

Rendered in Iray.

Two base materials created in Substance Designer. Check out my tutorial on how you can make these here:

Concept sketch

Concept sketch